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Tinker Bell Talks: Tales of a Tinker Dusted Life Book by Margaret Kerry
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Welcome to Tinker Bell Talks!

 Come follow Margaret's pathway to becoming the animators' original reference model for Tinker Bell in Walt Disney's legendary movie, PETER PAN.    Explore... new galleries featuring Margaret's TV and film career, and don't miss the treasure chest of available artwork and memorabilia...many signed by Margaret herself...and/or other Disney personalities.

Margaret Kerry AKA Tinker Bell
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In this five-minute video, you’re going to see me … Margaret Kerry. I’m at work on Sound Stage 1 at Disney Studios being filmed as Tinker Bell for the 1953 film classic Peter Pan …I was cast in the role of Little Miss Tinker Bell to act out her scenes for the film … a guide for the animators. I became the original, live-action reference model for the world’s most famous pixie. You will also see me as one of the “Little Rascals” (When I was four) … dancing in an RKO film … stills from The New Three Stooges TV series … The Andy Griffith Show … ABC Network Show … The Redheaded Mermaid in Peter Pan … But … off to Sound Stage 1 at Disney Studios in Burbank, California … my Neverland.

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