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Tinker Bell Talks: Tales of a Pixie Dusted Life:
Tales of A PIxie Dusted LIfe

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It’s all here ... in Margaret Kerry’s long awaited book... Yes! The magical story of being cast as the alter ego of Tinker Bell for Walt Disney’s legendary film Peter Pan is featured... But wait! Did you know that she was also the animators’ reference model for the Red-Headed Mermaid in the film’s Lagoon sequence? You didn’t? Well, acting out the scenes for the petulant little Mermaid helped change her life.

Did you know that Margaret was four when she started as a Hollywood kid actor in The Little Rascals ... worked in 27 motion pictures ... was featured simultaneously in two “live” shows on local as well as network television for three years ... appeared as Jane Carter in the Lone Ranger series and Helen Scobey on The Andy Griffith Show ... was heard on radio at KKLA 99.5 FM for 10 years ... was voice-over lead actress in more than 600 TV cartoons (including 139 episodes with The Three Stooges) ... produced an animated short film for the State of California and also for George Clinton of Funkadelic fame... and ... at the same time ... raised three children ... in Hollywood!

With her quirky way of looking at her serendipitous life, Margaret writes in an easy to read “let’s-have-some-fun” style. Each short chapter is a complete story. The book is enhanced by 180 rare photos and artwork.


To be frank, there was a first-rate reason why the book’s subtitle is “Tales of a Pixie Dusted Life” ... because it’s true! Enjoy.

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