Below is a current schedule of events I am doing in the near future...

Check back often since I add on all the time!

My autobiographical book, Tinker Bell Talks: Tales of a Pixie Dusted Life is finished at last! Click on the image on the right to buy the book.


Dates for appearances..... August 27 thru November 11th 2017 ... There are three dates which are not pinned down yet.

Sept. 2 & 3 Saturday and Sunday (2 days before LABOR DAY!) The Long Beach Comic Con is putting on a really big show ... well, William Shatner will be there (that alone sold me) It’s at the Long Beach Convention Center from 10 am to 7pm Saturday ... and Sunday the show closes at 5pm. It will be fun, fun ...FUN!!!!

Sept. 9th Saturday ...I am speaking at a woman’s organization – an all day affair,,, I love being invited to appear for charity’s sake. This meeting takes place in Pasadena.

Sept. 16th Saturday celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Way Out West Tent, a large group who are devotees of The Laurel Hardy Comedies, Beside showing the screening of the “The Boys” starring in the very funny film, The Way Our West, there will be games, food, prizes, food, special music, food and a delightful comedian, Jim MacGeorge. You don’t think I’d miss that, do you? Well, there is an ulterior motive.. The club also salutes The Our Gang Comedies... I worked as a Little Rascal starting at the age of four. There aren’t many of us left...

Sept. 19th thru the 24th I will be at Mayberry Days in Mt. Airy, North Carolina. For the last 27 years at the end of September, The Surry Arts Counsel headed by Tanya Jones has magically changed Mt. Airy, the birth place of Sheriff Andy Taylor (Andy Griffith) into MAYBERRY Days.

I was in two episodes of the TV series (which is still on TV after 60 years!) There will be the fun of mingle with dozens of Tribute Artists ... along with Betty Lynn, Maggie Peterson, Ronnie Schell and George Lindsey, Jr. (his dad was the famous Goober) and we all entertain the hundreds of folk who come. My son, Eric Norquist is a-draggin’ his ole guitar ready fer to entertain at the drop of a piece of pulled pork!

Sept. 27th Wednesday evening, I’m a speaker at a Business Woman’s Meeting with Lori Hartwell. I must be on my toes ... she’s a great speaker with me at our Toastmaster’s Club ... Glendale One Toastmasters...

Oct. 1st Sunday ~~ Big Doings!!! The Show and Sale put on by the Disneyana Fan Clubs all day. It’s held in the Anaheim Wyndham Garden Grove Hotel, 12021 Harbor Blvd, Garden Grove, CA ...... the doors open at 10:30 revealing tables and table of Disney Stuff that collectors have been searching the Disney World for. Disney voice-over actors, artists and behind the scene folks you’ll love to chat with – like Tinker Bell and me will welcome you.

Oct. 9th & 12th Monday thru Thursday I will be in Las Vegas planning a brand new project with Jim Presley who is producing and writing, not only the script, but the wonderful music he is famous for. Linda Swisher is also part of the new project so she is driving up to Las Vegas. Neither one of us has had a trip together since ... since ... I can’t remember. This will be fun.

Oct. 23 thru 30 The Mayberry Cruise on the good ship “The Carnival Ecstasy” (that sounds a bit racy to me ... but we will find out)As Deputy Sheriff (Don Knotts) would say ... “it’s Big ... it’s really BIG!”

Want to know more about it? Get in touch with All About Cruises, Sharon Euliss, in Burlington, North Carolina.

Nov. 4th & 5th Tracy CA ... The Tracy Comic Con ... The promoters are a group of young folk raising money for the Make A Wish Foundation... We have such a good time. Details later. Nov. 11th Saturday ... The Old Time Radio Org. SPERDVAC luncheon in Long Beach. I’ve been cast in the old time radio show they are producing for that day, Fibber Magee and Mollie Show. It gets better and better.

Nov. 18 -19th Sacramento at Stage 9 105 “K” Street at the famous, vintage “Sound-Stage gallery. Details later.

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