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Pixies Rule Tinker Bell Autographed Photo

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Now you get to see the playful side of Tinker Bell. As she glances back over her pretty shoulder, be prepared to deal with the fact that Tink has confidence in herself! And as if to make her statement even more potent, Tinker Bell appears in this 8 x 10 glossy photo on a two-toned color background of salmon and sky blue! Nothing is plain and simple about Tinker Bell!

There has been quite a bit of prittle-prattle about Tink and about that special something that makes this tiny pixie stand head and shoulders above all the rest. Honestly, gentle reader, one big reason is that Tinker Bell is just plain fun.

We all delight in fascinating surprises … the unexpected. Knowing her as well as I do (I was cast as Tinker Bell's reference model for Walt Disney's film, Peter Pan,) I have found that we can never presume to pick which way Tinker Bell is going to flit! That's what we most admire about the tiny sprite—her moods. One moment she's excited about a new adventure, then presto, next moment she presents an about face and becomes pouty or even playful.

Tink has her own ideas about what is proper and what is appropriate behavior—and those ideas change by the moment. If she ever put her philosophy into words, she would say that her life's plan is based upon "Faith, Trust and a little Pixie Dust! Let's go see what's around the corner so we can have some fun."

Back to this photo—it has a message printed on the gold ribbon that Tink is holding which says, "Pixies Rule!" As mentioned before, Tink does not lack for confidence!! Most appropriate that our pocket-sized pixie chose those words because, frankly, looking at the cockiness of her glance, the turn of her classy body, she could be saying, "Come on! Walk with me, talk with me… or… see ya!"

This picture reveals a lot about Tinker Bell that few of us have ever put into words before. I'm sure if you choose this photo for your collection, each time you gaze at it, you will see something a little different in Tink's personality. That's why this unique picture of our famous fairy friend is such a pleasure.

Just to make it even more special, I take my pen and personally sign my name, Margaret Kerry, because someone has to speak up in Tinker Bell's behalf and she has never complained when I do. Then I sign "Tinker Bell" just below my name because—you never know—she might think that I was trying to up-stage her!

A certificate of authenticity and a copy of this story will be included when you receive your signed photo.

©Tinkerbelltalks.com, all rights reserved.

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