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Pixie Power Will Prevail Tinker Bell Captain Hook Autographed Photo

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Well, you know there is skullduggery afoot when Captain Hook comes on the scene.  But what is Tinker Bell doing in this Glossy 8" x 10" photo running across the map of Neverland?  James M. Barrie stated that a tiny pixie like Tinker Bell was so small that she could only hold one emotion at a time!  Right now, terribly upset with Peter Pan and confused by Captain Hook's oily urging - she is about to pin point...er...toe point the exact location of Peter and the Lost Boys' Hideout for those nasty pirates.  Horrors!

Everyone should have an evil genius in their photo-belia collection.  There is something about a villain and especially a villain as outlandish as the dear Captain, isn't there?  Just for your information, many people in the audience of the film and the play miss the point that Mr. Darling (Wendy, John and Michael's father) is turned into the nemesis, Captain Hook, when the children head off for their adventure with Peter!

Tink does come back around to be on Peter's side again.  As a matter of fact I believe just after this scene is when she makes up her mind.  So I have added the message that is all too true for all of us,  Pixie Power Will Prevail! - followed by "Tinker Bell."  Below the message, I have added my signature, Margaret Kerry.  I am allowed to speak (or write) for Tinker Bell because I am the actor/dancer/mime who was cast by Marc Davis (the designer of Tink) to portray her every action - live - before a 35mm camera.  This footage was then assigned to several animators who drew Tink's antics from my acting.  So, Tinks looks like ME!

Friends, since this photo is from a Disney film, we all know that it turns out all right and Captain Hook "gets his."  And the children return to a loving father.  Oh, dear, did I give away too much of the story?  Sorry.

 A certificate of authenticity and a copy of this information will be included when you receive your signed photo.

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