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May All Your Dreams Come True Tinker Bell & Walt Disney Autographed Photo

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Some people forget that Walt Disney was a handsome man. Some people forget Walt Disney. That must never happen! This 8 x 10 black and white is a terrific portrait of the man of the century, Uncle Walt. It would be a special picture in anyone's collection.

BUT WAIT! Tinker Bell is here, too. The two of them just the way we watched them on television each week in our living rooms. Tink and her wand tipped with magic pixie dust and Walt Disney with his personal magic.

Has there ever been a duo since that so stirred our imaginations? We knew that Tinker Bell could show us what dreams are made of. Walt Disney would take us by the hand to lands that were lurking just below the surface in our own imaginations.

Walt Disney left a legacy so vast that we can't really fathom the depth and the breadth. He touches us at our very core and then Tinker Bell flits in and out to awaken our lost child-likeness.

I grew up without a Disneyland but not without Walt Disney and his magic motion pictures. I was eight years old when Snow White was released. I waited and waited till the film came to a little neighborhood theater that we could afford. The wait was not in vain. It was a whole new world of bewitchery - I had always known that a world like that existed but Walt Disney brought it into the theater and onto the screen just for me.

I met Walt Disney as he ambled over to our Tinker Bell team on Stage One when he was working on another project posted on the opposite wall of the sound stage. He was very soft spoken and focused. The last time I saw him was in the projection room for the screening of the 'pencil tests' of Tinker Bell to see if the action of her character worked. It did and I think I saw Walt nod slightly.

Later Walt Disney (and his brother Roy) brought us another priceless gift, Disneyland. Against great odds, I might add. And one July there it was, The Happiest Place on Earth with the spirited, adorable, winsome and irresistible Tinker Bell welcoming one and all.

So I have chosen a message for this photo gem for your collection -- one that Uncle Walt used so often on the Wonderful World of Color TV show. I personally hand write, "May all your dreams come true..." and then I add, "Tinker Bell" and sign my name, Margaret Kerry.

A certificate of authenticity and a copy of this story will be included when you receive your signed photo.

©Tinkerbelltalks.com, all rights reserved.

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