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Birthday Tinker Bell Autographed Photo Forget The Candles Go Strut Your Stuff Signed Margaret Kerry

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Know what? I can brag that I have an original Joel Seibel sketch drawn just for my personal birthday. And what's more I can brag that he is part of my family.

Joel is my gifted son-in-law. He is also an Emmy Award winning animator/storyboard artist for The Angry Beavers and Pinky and the Brain TV episodes. He worked on The Smurfs, The Little Pony and has been the mainstay for many animation divisions of movie companies and independent studios.

Take note, I am selfishly keeping the original sketch. I have had beautiful photo reproductions made so that others who have friends and relatives celebrating birthdays can share it. Of course, I sign the color photo. But we'll get to that in a moment.

First I want to state an opinion. (Well, this IS my personal website, isn't it?) I want to say that I think there should be Happy Birth MONTH cards as well as Happy Birth WEEK cards. I must confess, I never get cards to my friends or relatives on the correct day (or even before the correct birth date). Consequently, there is no sense of me buying the standard Happy Birthday ones. For years I have simply bought Belated Birthday cards.

Let me share one I bought. It's the perfect belated birthday card and it sounds a lot like our little Tinker Bell wrote it. The message says, "Sorry I'm late with this card - but if you had been considerate enough to be born two weeks later then I wouldn't have to apologize about missing your birthday! Would I?" Don't you love it?

Now, of course, I send a photo reproduction of Joel Seibel's sketch with the preprinted message on it that reads, "Forget the candles… Go strut your stuff". Oh, yes, I don't want to be left out wishing any person a happy time so, as Disney's live-action reference model for Tinker Bell, I write "Tinker Bell" and sign my name, Margaret Kerry. Now that I think about it, this signed photo is a GIFT as well as a greeting card. How good could can that be?

A certificate of authenticity and a copy of this information will be included when you receive your signed photo.

©Tinkerbelltalks.com, all rights reserved.

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