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Three Stooges Moe and Larry One On One CD

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This is a special CD of a young fan talking to Moe and Larry by phone in their later years. This is a wonderful collector's item for any Three Stooges fan! It is entitled, "One On One With Moe & Larry." It is a first edition CD of actual phone conversations that Moe Howard and Larry Fine had with a young male fan named Ellsworth during the period l973-75. This is a first edition of many talks that Ellsworth had with the fabulous trio. Ellsworth lived in Massachusetts and Moe and Larry were residing in California at the time. The CD runs approximately 22 minutes but there are many pauses while the men come to the phone. In addition to the CD, inside the accompanying 9" by 12" pamphlet that contains the CD, you get the added bonus of copies of two letters , one from Moe and one from Larry that they wrote to their young fan, as well as copies of autographed photos that they sent him.

Ellsworth was a devoted fan and was constantly writing or phoning the famous comedians. The phone conversation on this CD with Larry Fine took place after Larry had suffered a severe stroke and was living at the Motion Picture and Television Retirement Community in Woodland Hills, California.  For that reason, he wasn't always easy to understand but Ellsworth persevered and you still definitely get a flavor of Larry from this talk. The conversation with Moe was while he was living on Thrasher Ave in Los Angeles and his conversation with Ellsworth is much easier to understand. It was thrilling to hear both men take the time to talk to this young fan!  You actually learn a lot about the two men from the questions that young Ellsworth asked them.

I hope you enjoy this glimpse from the past!

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