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The Haunted Mansion DVD - History of the Disneyland Theme Park Mansion

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If you are a Disneyland's Haunted Mansion fan, then you will love this DVD. It is rightfully titled, The Haunted Mansion. It was produced by my friend, Jerry Cornell of Theme Parkology. The DVD is 56 minutes long with an 18 minute bonus track. The DVD tells you all about the haunts within the mansion and why the mansion took years to make. Once it was made, it stayed empty for six years until its opening day. You will find out why it was empty for so long and much, much more about the history of this eery building.

Did you know that the mansion houses 999 ghosts? This DVD comes with a bonus track entitled, "Meet the Family." A haunted host will be introducing you to many of the residents within. Also, there is an interview with Disney Legend and imagineer, Bob Gurr and Doombuggies.com's creator, Jeff Baham.

Hopefully this DVD will hold you spellbound. Watch out for the ghosts and enjoy!

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