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Disneyland 1970-1979 A Fan-Based DVD

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This is a fan-based DVD produced and directed by my friend, Jerry Cornell of Themeparkogy. This DVD will take you through some of the history of Disneyland and its attractions from l970-1979. It captures the essence of Disneyland with actual photos and video taken from that era.

See how the Carousel of Progress was replaced by a tribute to America's popular musical in America Sings, witness the change of Flight to the Moon to Mission to Mars and relive the excitement of the first thrill ride to enter Disneyland, Big Thunder Mountain.

 See original footage of the 1972 Main Street Electrical Parade, Harold the Abominable Snowman haunting guest within the icy caverns of the Matterhorn Bobsled, and the first thrill ride to reside in Disneyland, Big Thunder Mountain. This is a great DVD that really captures the essence of Disneyland in the seventies.

Bonus feature:  Two fantastic parades:  The Electric Parade and America on Parade.
It you are a fan of the wonderful theme park named Disneyland, then you need to add this DVD to your collection!


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