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Walt Disney Lithograph Print Signed By Artist George Murray

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SKU: 201-14


This is a wonderful 11" by 14" detailed lithograph artist print of an original pencil drawing of Walt Disney done by gifted North Carolina artist, George Murray.
It comes autographed by him (original autograph, not a copy.)

George is well known for his attention to detail. He is officially licensed for his rendering of James Dean and several characters of The Andy Griffith Show and his famous people portraits are sold nationwide.

George has a portfolio of many celebrities and has often donated his time and talents to charity events where the celebrities he has drawn have auctioned off his autographed drawings for a good cause at a hefty price.

To make this Walt Disney piece even more desirable, George has added a short biography of Walt Disney to this print and encased it in a gray undertone. The biography ends with the famous quote, "It all started with a mouse..."

As an added bonus, you get a short background overview of George Murray, the artist.
If you are a Walt Disney fan (and who isn't?) and appreciate fine art when you see it, then you will want to own this piece!

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