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Peter Pan LE Lithograph w/ Film Cels Autographed By 3

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This is a truly wonderful, 16" by 20", limited edition Peter Pan lithograph with two film cels included in the lithograph. The film cels are located in the bottom right corner of the lithograph. It has been custom, double-matted to an 16" x 20" size (covering a lot of plain white border) with a mottled copper-colored outer mat and a burgundy-brown inner mat. There is an acid-free backing board behind the lithograph as well.

To make the lithograph even more special, it has been autographed by me and two of my friends.  As you know, I am the original, live-action reference model for Disney's Tinker Bell. My autograph is at the bottom of the page, and I have written, "See what pixie dust can do!" and then I have signed my name and underneath that written "Tinker Bell."  My friend, Paul Collins, who was the voice and reference model for John Darling, has signed at the top of the lithograph. Paul has written, "Think of a wonderful thought," then signed his name, "Paul  Collins", and put "John" in quotes. (Paul is still a busy, working actor.)  Last, but not least, my friend Roland Dupree has signed the lithograph. Roland was the reference model for Peter Pan.  While Bobby Driscoll did the voice work, Roland did all the dancing, flying and action scenes.  The autograph by Roland is signed above the image of Peter Pan.  Roland signed his name and then underneath that in quotes signed, "Peter Pan." Roland had his own successful dance studio until he retired.  You should note that Paul and Roland have rarely signed autographs relating to Peter Pan for over 50 years. Roland just passed away in 2015.

Each attached 35mm film cel is authentic and unique. The film cels have been hand-cut from master prints taken from the original inter-negative produced by the Walt Disney Studios. This print has a world-wide edition size of only 2500 prints.

The lithograph comes with a certificate of authenticity from Authentic Enterprises, who produced the lithograph and was a Disney licensed company. Both the lithograph and certificate have the edition number on them. No additional multiples of the same image have been produced in this or in any other limited editions. I also supply a second certificate of authenticity for the three autographs.

By the way, the original lithograph was produced in August of 1998 and the lithography was completed in September, 1998. It is printed on acid free archival paper. All printed plates were destroyed in 1998. This is officially licensed Disney merchandise and a definite asset to anyone's collection.

If you like Disney, Peter Pan, John and Tinker Bell, then you don't want to miss out on this terrific lithograph at a great buy, particularly with Tinker Bell's "oops", I mean my autograph - plus John (Paul Collins) and Peter's (Roland Dupree) autograph. What's not to like?

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